RL1: Self-Reiki

Usui Reiki Level I Attunement with Kiki Hocking

For those who want to learn more about the Usui Reiki system of natural healing and wish to work on themselves.

You will learn about the history of Reiki, the Reiki principles, how to sense energy (and what it means), uses for the first Reiki symbol, some rituals for cleansing and protection, and the basic hand positions for self-treatment. You’ll receive the RL1 attunement, boosting your energy field. For more info.

To attend connect with Kiki here.

Exchange: $175

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RL2: Reiki Others

Usui Reiki Level II Attunement with Kiki Hocking

When a student feels ready to work on others and has practiced self-treatments for at least a month, Reiki Level II is an option.

In this class, you’ll learn about the 2 symbols that come with this attunement, one for emotional healing and the other for karmic or long-distance healings— as well as their other uses. We’ll also discuss guides and intuition as they broaden the Reiki practice. You’ll receive the RL2 attunement which shifts your energy, taking you from a metaphorical 100 watt light bulb to a 500 watt light bulb.

Prerequisite: RL1 attunement

To attend connect with Kiki here.

Exchange: $250

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Reiki Tune-up with Kiki Hocking

TBA 90 min

For all Reiki Level II students, this is a time to gather, share, expand, and learn some advanced Reiki techniques. Kiki is often guided towards new hand positions and practices. Bring questions.

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Exchange $45


Intro to Core Shamanic Journeying with Kiki Hocking

March 23rd 1:00-2:30

90 min

Using Core Shamanism, as brought to the West by Michael Harner, Kiki will lead you through an introduction to journeying. Journey work is a transpersonal tool to gain intuitive guidance and answers to questions you have as you travel along your life path—or as ancients would say as you walk the good wheel. This workshop is experiential, you’ll practice this ancient method in a safe and supported environment.

Space is limited to 8. To attend connect with Kiki here.

Exchange $60


Crystals 101 with Kiki Hocking

TBA 60 min

Kiki is certified in crystal healing. She’ll share her knowledge and use of the main stones in her healing practice, and how to clear and charge them.

To attend connect with Kiki here.

Exchange $35