Reiki & Psychic Healing with Kiki Hocking

Sessions are 60-75 minutes long. 
Remote sessions are 90 minutes long and include initial conversation, remote Reiki, then a call back.
Exchange $100
To schedule connect with Kiki directly here.

Therapy and Executive Coaching with Kelly O Landes
Inquire directly at

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine with Dean Hocking
Go to for rates and to book online.

Integrative Massage and Healing with Jane Heblich
75 minutes sessions
Exchange $100

90 minute sessions
Exchange $115

CBD from local company CVCBD
add on $25

To schedule email directly.

Special Therapy, Coaching, and Reiki & Psychic Healing Package with Kelly Landes and Kiki Hocking

Whether you’re in transition or just feeling stuck, Kelly and Kiki can help with a collaborative and powerful guidance package. Three deep dive sessions include: a therapy/coaching session with Kelly, where she will identify issues and goals. Followed by a Reiki & Psychic healing session with Kiki, where she will clear emotional debris and/or remove energy blocks, provide psychospiritual guidance, and solidify a new direction. It will conclude with a final session with Kelly—next steps and a final summary of the work will be given so you leave with a clear, solid, uplifted perspective.

Exchange $300

To inquire click here.