Intuitive Yoga + Reiki with Kiki Hocking

Mondays 12-1:15

This group healing session consists of breathwork, chanting, and intuitive yoga followed by Reiki and crystal healing. Each class will start with a contemplative topic—which is why it has earned the nickname of Monday Church. A chance to gather together, be in the truth field, and heal.

Space is limited to 8. To attend text or message kiki directly. [ link]

Exchange $20

Yoga Pilates Flow with Mia Hamza

Fridays 12-1:15

In this class, expect a unique blend of dynamic and healing movement, steady breath, restorative postures, and myofascial release techniques to create bliss and balance that lasts beyond the time spent on your yoga mat.

Space is limited to 8. To attend text or message Mia directly. [ link]

Exchange $20

AcuDetox with Dean Hocking

Every third Thursday 12-12:45

In these group healing sessions, a detox auricular needling protocol will be followed. The ears are the oracles to the body. This is an effective and efficient way to move Qi and clear out toxins.

Space is limited to 6. To attend text or message Dean directly. [ link]

Exchange $25

Tuina clinic with Dean Hocking

Every first Thursday 30 minute intro appointments 10-6pm

Tuina is Chinese medical massage. Dean uses powerful acupoints along the spine and meridians to unlock the healing energy of Chinese Medicine. This is especially useful for pain management, sports injuries and spinal health.

Book directly

Exchange $40